Individual and Group Products

AlterNet Benefits offers both individual and group voluntary benefit products from some of the most reputable carriers in the insurance industry.

Employers struggle with increasing group premiums, decide to drop coverage or move into the HSA/HRA plans, and employees have to cope with higher deductibles and other cost/premium sharing burdens. Add value to Core Employee Benefits! Offering these options to your employee groups just enhances their medical benefit packages.

Like employers, individuals experience the same burden of higher deductibles to obtain reasonable health insurance premiums. To fill in the deductible gap, some individuals feel more comfortable adding an ancillary product to their coverage for an added cushion when illness or accident strikes.

AlterNet Benefits continuously works with our carrier partners to design the products that provide great value to both you and your customers. AlterNet Benefits (877)815-2121 or (303)679-9600.

Dental plans

Go to any dentist and get preventive and diagnostic services immediately! $50 deductible on Restorative Basic and Major services, Ortho for children. Get this plan for as little as $18.30/month!


No one can predict when they may need extra coverage for cancer. We offer great plans that pay a lump sum amount the first time you are diagnosed! Call us to find out how little the extra protection can cost!

Heart Attack/Stroke

Consider that Heart Attacks are the number one cause of death in America and Stroke is #3! Who couldn’t use a little more coverage when the unexpected happens! This benefit pays in addition to any major medical you have. Cost depends on benefit level chosen!

Short Term Disability

No one can predict the unexpected! Offer short term disability benefits to offer peace of mind when tragedy occurs and employee’s have to miss work! Benefit periods available in 3, 6 and 12 month increments, and elimination periods available for 0/7, 7/7, 14/14 and 30/30.

Term Life policies

Simplified issue (5 lives) or Guarantee Issue available for groups of 10 plus. Non-smoker discounts available.

Group Cancer plan

With a minimum of five insureds, offer benefits to cover costs when diagnosed with cancer. Cover room and board, surgery, chemotherapy and more. Riders available for critical illness coverage.

For brochures or PDF's of the products offered by AlterNet Benefits, please contact our office.