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Accident Plans 

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Because Accidents Happen!

Ensure clients financial peace of mind for a fraction of the cost a single accident will demand.
For those individuals without coverage, or in a high deductible plan, Accident Insurance is an affordable necessity they shouldn’t be without. Accident insurance is a timely product to combine with a high deductible health plan (HDHP) or HSA.
The combination of high deductible medical plans with an Accident Plan is a great way to limit your clients medical liability.
AlterNet Benefits offers an Accident Plan platform which is displayed below. 

WBA Plans

We have assembled some of the finest benefit services in the country for you. You won't find flashy web pages or tricky pricing schemes. We offer straight talk and simple programs designed to save you money, year after year.

These affordable plans provide a welcome alternative for the uninsurable, those between jobs, newly employed, or anyone lacking a practical accident care option. They are not intended as a replacement or substitute for health insurance, but can dramatically reduce your expenditures.

WBA offers you a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you decide to cancel your membership within the first 30 days after application or effective date (whichever is later), we will refund your dues, no questions asked.

Please explore our site. Feel free to call us with questions about the plans. We want you to learn as much as you can about these services. Once you have determined that WBA is the plan for you, go ahead and apply online.


$2,500 Accident Insurance - $24.75 Indiv or $38.75 Family per month

$5,000 Accident Insurance - $32.75 Indiv or $49.75 Family per month

$7,500 Accident Insurance - $39.75 Indiv or $59.75 Family per month

$10,000 Accident Insurance - $48.75 Indiv or $72.75 Family per month.

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Accident Insurance Benefits 

Up to $10,000 in Supplemental Accident Coverage

  •     Includes a Medical Record Card
  •     Rx Discount Card
  •     24 Hour TOLL FREE Medical Hotline
  •     Rx and physical therapy related to accident
  •     Lump sum benefit payment vs scheduled benefit
  •     No limit on number of accidents
  •     12-week period to report covered claims vs 72 hours for most plans
  •     Doctor’s office and ER related to accident
  •     HSA Compatible
  •     Guarantee issue
  •     Simple enrollment: On line or paper
  •     Group and individual