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Gap / Reimbursement Plans

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Mobirise helps you cut down development time by These products are intended to provide reimbursement for costs related to deductibles and co-insurance/co-payments not paid by the primary Underlying Medical plan.

Target groups with 5 or more participating employees with this reimbursement plan. Gap plans offer a solution to financially draining out-of-pocket health costs created by co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurance expenses incurred during in-hospital and outpatient visits.

    -  Assignment of benefits direct to provider

    -  ID card for each employee

    -  No medical underwriting

It’s Too Simple…… Here’s how Gap Insurance works:

Advise your clients to switch to a lower premium, high deductible major medical plan.

Use part of the premium savings to put enough Gap insurance in place to match the out of pocket exposure on their previous plan.

It’s that easy. They now have the same out of pocket they had before. Many expenses now have First Dollar coverage. And their total premium is lower than when they started.

Example without GAP Insurance: Client has a $1000 deductible which hasn’t been met and requires a MRI; they would have approximately $1000 out of pocket expense.

Example with GAP Insurance: Client now has a $2000 deductible with $1000 of MEDICAL GAP insurance; Gap Insurance pays the initial $1000 for the MRI (First Dollar Coverage) but has the same total exposure they did with the $1,000 deductible.

If no more claims are filed this year, the client never pays a penny out of pocket, in spite of having a $2000 deductible. Best of all, their total premium, including the GAP premium, is less than the original $1000 deductible plan.

Call us to review how a gap plan together with a high deductible health plan can save your clients money!

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MediBridge Gap Plan

Because... “One agent’s success is another agent’s education”

    -  The market is changing

    -  Employers and clients want more choices

    -  You need a way to stand out from the competition

Benefit budgets are shrinking and traditional benefit costs are rising. It’s getting harder to retain old customers, much less find new ones. It’s time to offer innovative solutions and make your mark in today’s challenging sales environment.

We have the tools to help expand your portfolio, make more contacts, and make more sales.

Medical Bridge/Gap Insurance Guaranteed Issue Individual & Group. No Health Questions

Sell low cost high deductible major medical plans and Bridge the out of pocket Gap with 1st Dollar DEDUCTIBLE-INSURANCE. Your clients will retain rich benefits with reduced total premiums. This is the Win‑Win alternative your clients have dreamed of.

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